Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Not much going on around here. I got the binding done on my New Wave quilt and the Color Wheel quilt. I am so glad I took the time to do the lines on the New Wave - once it was washed it looks awesome.

I have not touched my sewing machine since Super Bowl Sunday. I got the main part of the plus quilt done and am unsure on what to do for the borders, so it is just sitting there.

I did start cutting out squares for the Granny Squares quilt that is floating around blogland right now. Used up more of my scraps - love that feeling.

Onto my quilt labels - there was a request to tell how I created them. I do all my designing using Adobe Illustrator. I created labels on a yard of fabric that were 3.5x2 (the size of a standard business card) - 180 of these, then shrunk the label done to 2 x 1-1/8 - 100 of these, then to fill up the remaining space I created 6 labels that were 1.5x1. For a total of 3 sizes - 286 labels.

 On my biggest labels I left a white area of 1/8-inch past my blue border. I am wishing I would have had a bigger white area so I could sew the labels into the corner of the quilt and have the binding cover 2 sides of it. Just for a little added security in keeping the label on.

I used my first label on my color wheel quilt. I have a busy backing fabric for this quilt. I am washing it as I speak and when I took it from the washer to put in the dryer - the label was very see-through. I am hoping this clears up once the quilt is dry otherwise I will have to come up with a solution on future busy backing fabrics.

I attached the label with fusible web. It held up in the washing part of the quilt - no loose threads on the edges of the label.

I did not go into much detail on how to create you labels - I am going to refer you to a website that I visited - Jaybird Quilts. She has a 2-part tutorial that will tell you everything you need to know about creating labels with Spoonflower. 
If you do have questions I will gladly answer them.

My next thing to figure out is what type of marking pen I should use to write on my labels. Suggestions?


Claire Jain said...

Your New Wave quilt is beautiful! I was just looking at that on Elizabeth Hartmann's blog today :-)

Beth said...

Found your blog via Lily's Small Blog Meet up. I love your labels - thanks for the tutorial and links.