Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife and WIP Wednesday

I broke down and bought the Farmer's Wife Quilt book on Monday night. The reason??
Laurie Aaron Hird spoke at our quilt guild meeting! She touched on how she came about to do the Farmer's Wife book but mainly talked about the Pony Club book. It was so interesting to hear how the Farmer's Wife magazine gave ponies away to little kids and to read their letters that they wrote thanking the magazine for the ponies. This will be my next book purchase. I also got her to sign my book! Unfortunately this is the only photo that I took of her Pony Club quilt :(

With the warm beautiful weather we have spent alot of time outside working in the flower beds getting them ready for spring. My first tulips bloomed today. I need to take a photo - they are only 2 inches tall and the blooms about half-an-inch. So cute!

Friday I did start to work on a churn dash quilt using my Aunt Edna fabrics. I have four blocks done and just spent an hour chain-piecing some more. I can't wait to see them laid out together.

1. Finish binding on larger wirly gig
2. Need to quilt my plus quilt - still undecided on the design
3. Figure out what to use for backing of my granny squares - I plan on hand quilting this so then I will have to learn how to hand quilt and pick my threads.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I got my baby wirly quilt quilted, bound and washed. I also got the larger wirly quilted. I will not show photos since I have done so alot lately. :)

I dragged my crabby kids to the fabric store on Saturday and found a varigated thread for my plus quilt!! (Luckily they were having a craft day there so it put them in a better mood.) But I still haven't decided how to quilt it. So......

I started working on my granny squares. I have four done and 8 more ready to sew the rows together. I love the look of the blocks individually but am not so sure of them all together. I am really bad at scrappy quilts - I love everyone else's but hate my own. But I will plug away and wait until it is completely done to make my final decision. These blocks are fast and easy to make. I might have to keep this pattern in my mind for future quilts. It would be fun to make a table runner out of them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Finish it up Friday

I got off my lazy butt last night and took some photos of my small wirly-gig quilt before I went to bed (sorry not very good). My goal for the week was to get it quilted and the binding machine bound to the front - achieved! I quilted with straight lines, 1/4-inch from the seams. Something fast and easy.

I did do a little quilting on the large wirly gig last night but only for about 10 minutes. Tonight I am hoping to get it all quilted in a meandering stitch.

I am also hoping to start on my granny squares quilt. I cut the blocks out 2 weeks ago and haven't looked at them since.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Blog Link Up

Not much new to show. I was able to get my small wirly-gig quilted and the binding sewn to the front. I also spent last night getting the larger wirly gig and the plus quilt pinned last night. I might start the quilting of the wirly tonight. I still have to figure out what thread I will use for the plus quilt.