Thursday, July 29, 2010

My current project

This is what I was working on before my basement flooded. I was so close to having the final borders on.

I had originally stitched this small floral.

But then decided to use the same large floral of the appliqued flowers.

I am hoping to find some time the next couple nights to finish the borders, then I need to pick a quilting pattern. I would like to try something new. Any ideas?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a wet and tiring weekend

This is what I have been looking at all weekend! We have had so much rain here in Iowa - now I have a wet basement. We had to move everything to a storage bin and tear out the carpet and padding - which is now on my driveway drying out.

This was my sewing corner of the basement. I picked 5 projects to keep at the house and the rest went to storage. We are going to make me a corner in the living room, so I don't go insane the next few months as we are putting things back together.
Not sure when I will have more quilting projects to show. But now I have a chance to play around with EQ7. I loaded that on my computer this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look what I got!!!

Look what I bought myself! I am sooooo excited! Not sure when I will have time to load it and play around. But I can't wait!
Is anyone else using EQ7?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Giveaway - Sew Picture Perfect

The founder of Pleasant Home (and the pinwheel quilt that I made) has started a new website that features photos from the web of quilt and fabric related items. Head on over and check it out!

Accuquilt Go Giveaway on Spun Sugar Quilts

Spun Sugar Quilts is giving away and Accuquilt Go!. Check out her website.

What a busy week!

I was home for a few days with my boys last week. I got the binding on the adorable quilt done while watching them swim. It is for niece who is due in August. My mom and sister are positive that she is coming early so I wanted to get it done fast.

Went to visit my brother in northern Iowa. Stopped at the local quilt store and got this fun fabric "Just Dreamy' by Riley Blake. None of my local quilt stores carry this line, so I splurged! I'm thinking another pinwheel quilt but with variations from my last one.

I am also working on this quilt. Notice the different colors of solid blue!! I bought one yard from the local quilt store and needed more so bought another from the quilt store over the weekend and they don't match!! So now I have to make it look like it was intentional. I ripped apart 7 of the 4-square blocks last night and need to resew them with the darker blue fabric. I didn't think there would be that much color difference on bolts - A learning experience for me!

Friday, July 2, 2010

UFOs or WIPs?

UFOs or WIPs?? What do you call your quilting projects? I used to say UFOs but it makes the project seem scary and uninviting. So I have changed to WIPs. Now I feel like I am a busy person working on multiple projects not just having these unknowns laying around my sewing room.  The red and white quilt is something I started almost 2 years ago. I have fabric for about 9 more blocks cut out and sitting in a box. I became very frustrated with the piecing of this quilt and hung it on my cork board hoping I would someday get the desire to finish it. So maybe this one can be called a UFO!?!

This quilt (made from Frolic by Moda) is my second quilt from this line. Love it! It is actually on my machine, almost finished. Will just have to do the binding. This is a baby present for a future niece!
The above is a small wall hanging I started with my scraps. It was going to be for a quilt challenge with the local quilt guild, but I have since changed my mind. Not sure what I will do with it now. It is only 12x20.

I also have my hexagons as WIPs and I started a third quilt from Frolic based off of a recipe from Moda Bakeshop 'Frolic'N Butterflies'

How many WIPs do you have?