Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

 I finally got the binding sewn on my larger whirlygig quilt. I did a pieced back with 3 leftover whirlygigs.

 Friday night I was able to get my churn dash quilt put together and got the backing pieced. I love the colors of this fabric! I tried to take photos of the quilt the other day but it was a little windy. I had a few neighbors watching me - probably laughing at me.

I did get my plus quilt quilted and have most of the binding machine sewn on. I tried to paper piece a small quilt that my guild is using for a ribbon topper the other night - it did not work out :( I am very frustrated with it. I was planning on paper piecing my Farmer's Wife blocks. I am going to have to wander the blogging world to try and figure it out.


Kristy QP said...

Love the whirlygig quilt! Lovely!

Oh gosh the windy quilt top photos - I have so many of those. Can be a bit frustrating - but your photos show how lovely the top is looking :)

Hope you can figure out the paper piecing!

Alison said...

everything is beautiful so far!

Marika said...

I love those two quilts ! Especially the first one !

I posted something on my blog that you might want to check (it's not spam/self promotion !) :