Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still no sewing going on

What a crazy few weeks we have had. On my husbands first day off in a week he listened to his nagging wife and trimmed some of our trees. Unfortunately he fell out of the tree and broke his leg in 2 spots and had to have surgery. So for the last 2 weeks he was been going crazy sitting in a chair. He is healing good but will be down for a few months yet. Then last week we got 15 inches of rain in one night and once again our basement got water. So out came the carpet and padding and gone went my sewing area. Once my husband is up and moving we will tile the whole basement and be done with carpet. We were lucky, alot of people got up to 5 feet in their basements. So no new photos to show. I have been slowly working on binding some quilts and working on my hexagon stocking. 4 hours of football practice this week so maybe some progress to report this weekend on those.

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Kari @ Fresh Cut Quilts said...

Oh I feel for you too! So sorry to hear about your husband too- very sad. I hope your summer "mess" gets over quickly!